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The New Plant-Based Docs Smart Directory Membership

The new and improved PlantBasedDocs is an advanced directory of plant-based practitioners that now includes a robust and growing member resource library.

Smart Directory

  • PlantBasedDocs, is now a state-of-the-art directory that will connect you with more patients or clients
  • Professional profiles now include video display
  • Profiles include an area to connect patients/clients to your telemedicine practice
  • Profiles enable an at-a-glance display of all your plant-based educational credentials
  • Profiles link to your social media pages, including YouTube or Vimeo

Member Resource Library

  • Access to over 80 past Int’l Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference lectures presented by plant-based experts including Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. Dr. Michael Greger, Brenda Davis, RD, Dr. Robynne Chutkan and more
  • Free downloads of Plantrician Project’s Plant-Based Nutrition Quick Start Guides
  • Free downloads of educational videos you can use in your practice
  • + More to come

For more info and to become a member:


Or contact:

The Plantrician Project

Email: info@plantbaseddocs.com

On PlantBasedDocs, patients and clients are encouraged to look for this symbol that indicates a provider has attended one or more of The Plantrician Project’s elite medical education events, such as PBNHC

The PlantBasedDocs directory encourages searchers to look beyond their immediate locations. Providers with telehealth capabilities may be easily found via dedicated search filters and profile icons.

Your PlantBasedDocs membership connects you with a robust and growing member resource library packed with tools and materials for yourself, as well as resources you can share with your patients or clients.